2009 Christmas Quiz

Shades of Grey
Image courtesy Petritap, Wikimedia Commons

Bored with the usual Christmas Quizzes? Eaten too much turkey/nut bake to concentrate fully? Short Attention Span? Brain set to 'Idle'? Short Attention Span?

Then the ALL NEW jasperfforde.com Christmas quiz is just the thing for you!

Designed to use up very little brain power, the jasperfforde.com Christmas Quiz comes with almost no plugs for his latest book and guarantees minutes of entertainment.

There are no prizes except the warm glow of a quiz finally finished. There are two A4 pages, and you are free to distribute them in unaltered form.

The jasperfforde.com Christmas Quiz is available in two flavours:

Flavour One: Downloadable PDF editions. Click Page One and Page Two, then use 'save as' facility to load onto desktop.

Flavour Two: Viewable on screen. Just scroll down. Happy Holidays/Vacation!

Page updated December 23rd 2009

jasperfforde.com 2009 Christamas Quiz

jasperfforde.com 2009 Christamas Quiz