What's the oddest thing that's ever happened to you?

This is all about strange, weird and unusual things that happened to you. This is one of mine:

I was driven by Rowan Atkinson around the Harrod's perfume counters in the back of a mini.

(I was the focus-puller on a Mr Bean sequence in which he gets lost and takes a short cut thorugh Harrod's. I was in the back seat with the camera operator as Rowan drove us around. It didn't seem odd at the time.)

If you have something weird and wacky you want to share (and is suitable for a family audience) then drop me a line at: jasper(at) jasperfforde.com.

Please keep it to under a hundred words, and if you've got a picture to illustrate it, or you, or something else entirely, please send it as well.

Alice Brett tells me:

In response to your request for the strangest thing that has happened to me, mine would have been in Nottingham.

I juggle, and hula hoop. I was at a Nottingham juggling convention (not as boring as it sounds) in 2007.

I attended a hula hooping workshop with 5 other girls, we were all doing multiple hoops (3-4 hoops at the same time) in a classroom with glass walls down one side, when Darth Vader and 4 Storm Troopers walked by. We had a moment when they looked at us as if it was the strangest thing they'd ever seen, and we were all looking at them (whilst still hooping) very oddly.

I had no idea why Darth Vader and his posse were there, what they were doing etc... and i did not see them again anywhere at the convention.

14th July 2009:

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