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At the RAF reserve collection in Stafford,  Sir Arthur 'Bomber' Harris' desk,
At the RAF reserve collection in Stafford, they have a whole host of bizarre items that are currently not on display at either Cosford or Hendon. We were shown around the hangar by the highly committed and encyclopedic curators, and saw not only T E Lawrence's rosary, Douglas Bader's 2nd best leg, but the singed pennant from the back of the R101.

There was furniture, too - Goering's dining room chairs, and this, Sir Arthur 'Bomber' Harris' desk, from which he conducted the aerial bombing against Germany in the latter part of the war. And there it is, looking worn and chipped, untidly sitting on a pallette. Kind of surreal. Oh, and in case you're interested, Goering's taste in dining room furniture tended towards the grand.

Nikon D700, 24-120mm Zoom

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