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Shooting a commercial for I can't remember what, 1999
This was on a commercial for Paul Arden that we shot in 1999, so although I took the snap, I cannot claim to be the author. The picture seems particular apt now that Etonians are back in power. The boys were actually using squeezy bottles for the wee effect, and at one point a policewoman marched up about to arrest us all, but then she saw it wasn't wee and we could, in fact, film quite legally here, she moved off, with a polite apology. Wouldn't happen now. This would be considered a 'demonstration' within a mile of parliament square and we'd all be down the nick.

It wouldn't have stopped Paul Arden though. He'd still have filmed it. Marvellous character, sadly no longer with us.

For the life of me, I can't remember what the commercial was for. Not for Eton, obviously.

Nikon F90X, 35mm, Kodak BCN400

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