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On The Black Hill, 1987
An unusual moment of levity in what was otherwise quite a stressful undertaking. While we wait for the night to draw on for the 'burning beacon' scene in the BFI's movie 'On The Black Hill', crew relax. Here, Thaddeus O'Sullivan (DOP) tells a joke - or demonstrates how to play an accordian when you don't have one - to Andrew Grieve (director, in blue hat) and Libbie Barr (continuity). Quite what Cordelia Hardy (3rd AD) and Robert Gwilym are up to, I have no idea. On extreme right in green hat is John Murphy (Grip). The camera is an Arriflex BL4, and the peak behind is Hay Bluff. I was the clapper loader.

Hay Bluff, Wales, 1987

Olympus XA, with flash.

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