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Ford Model T Springs, 2010

I own a Ford Model T, vintage of 1918. They are quirky, strange things from the far end of car production, and have all sorts of groovy ideas like ony two gears, and pedals that work in the opposite direction. They were cheap when built, and are still cheap now - the Ford ethos has not changed over the years!

The Model T guru in Europe is Neil Tuckett and his yard is quite literally littered with spare Model T parts, so every time I go round there I take a few snaps. This is of a heap of rear springs, lying on a pallet recently delivered from the States.

The Model T had one single transverse spring on the rear and one on the front. It's an odd way to build suspension because it allows for a rolling gait to the car - but it's cheap, and everything on the car was designed to hit the lowest price possible. The Yugo or the Zastava of it's day.

Bronica SQ-Ai, T-max 400, 65mm, 250th at f5.6

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