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Entrapment - 1998

This was taken at Borough Market in South London earlier in the year. We are rehearsing a shot where Haas has to drive off in pursuit in Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sean Connery. Actually his name wasn't Haas at all but Kevin Macnally, a very pleasant men who has to dash out of a doorway and blast away at their escaping car with an old service revolver. He then leaps into a car in hot pursuit and that's what's happening here.

As you can see there is a scaffolding rig on the front of the dolly so we can start the shot right in front of the jeep, track back and then allow the car to drive away. Obviously if we used the dolly conventionally the car would have to drive over the track, hence the rig, hence the lightweight mag to help reduce any bounce.

Roger Pearce is operating the camera with Gary Pocock (grip) in the singlet just behind. I'm looking a bit dishevelled and frightfully serious - can't think why. You can just see the crowds who had turned up to watch us playing silly buggers, and the man with his arms crossed is Will, the standby carpenter. The liver sausage on a stick is the microphone, and you can see that the road has been wetted down to make it look more like December (it was July). I think that's all there is in the picture.

Jasper Fforde 'Entrapment' July 1998

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