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Steadicam and Highlander2

September 1990: This was taken on a night shoot in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the set of Highlander2.

We had built a massive set on the docks, and were shooting the sequence where McLeod is transformed from Mortal to Immortal, and is hit by a petrol tanker (yes, I know, a bit daft).

The great thing about having multiple cameras on a shoot is that sometimes the 'A' camera can take a break and let the Johnnies with the Steadicam have a go, and this is what is happening here.

The Steadicam operator is in front running in amongst the burning debris, with his focus puller following on behind and twiddling on the remote focus. (Frightfully pleasant New Yorker; can't remember his name).

The guy holding the long stick is the boom man.

Olympus OM1, Ilford HP5, f8, about a 30th of a second.

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