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The Nextian Songbook:
Uh-oh, Goliath's secret thugs have got a song of their own.. Still on the Lennon theme, check out this version of "Imagine".from Ben Tymens
Posted: 14th Jan 2003


Imagine no Goliath,
We'll feckin' kill you if you try.
Broken legs below you,
Above poked, in the eye.
Imagine all the people,
We'd send round to your house...

Imagine you've no kneecaps.
That isn't hard to do,
Two of us in a dark alley,
A shotgun or two.
Imagine all your pieces,
Turning in the gra-a-ave.

Imagine no Goliath,
Better not say a feckin' word,
You wouldn't like us when we're angry,
Or when we're peaceful too.
Imagine all the profits,
From transplanting bits of you-oo-oo-ohh

You may call us a rude word,
But never a second one.
We hope you keep buying Goliath,
And your body could stay as one....