Dodo Graffitti
My thanks to Lennart Börjeson for sending in the two pictures on this page. They are - no, let's Lennart explain:

Dear Mr Fforde,

I recently dicovered this dodo grafitti on the basement wall of the house next to mine. As you can see it is very distinct but unobtrusive. I believe I must have passed it by for weeks before some peripheral vision processing in my brain alerted me, which was an astounding experience.

Clearly, there's either some "guerilla advert campain" going on or else Nextian universe spillover. In both cases I believe Jurisfiction should be informed. :-)

Lennart Börjeson

Odd, hey? I think it's a dodo who has had an argument with its shadow and they are still huffy and waiting to make up. If you are in Stockholm and have nothing seriously better to do, the 'dodo grafitti' is at Artillerigatan 88.

Stockholm dodo wide
Stockholm dodo tight