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The Nextian Songbook:
Two songs from All-American-Cutie.
"Thursday's Christmas Dream" to the tune of "White Christmas" by Irving Berlin
"So This is Thursday" inspired by John Lennon's holiday hit, "Happy Christmas/War is Over"
Posted: 14th Jan 2003

Thursday's Christmas Dream

I'm dreaming of a Landen Parke-Laine,
just like the one I used to know...
With temples lightly graying, and piano duets playing
hobbling on one leg as he goes...

I'm dreaming of a Landen Parke-Laine,
And ev'ry book he used to write...
may Mr.Shitt-Hawse wither up and die,
And may little Landen swim away from the light.

So This is Thursday

So this is Thursday...
and what has she done?
Gone is her lover.
In her oven, a bun.

So this is Thursday...
now what can she do?
She's pissed off Goliath,
and now Schitt-Hawse, too.

So this is Thursday...
and now where is she at?
She's joined Jurisfiction,
She knows the UA of W Cat.

So this is Thursday...
finding Landen she hopes.
Hiding from Aornis
Better shake those entroposcopes.

So this is Thursday...
now where did she go?
To save Schitt from "The Raven",
by Edgar Allan Poe

So this is Thursday...
and the Schitt boys have lied.
They were trying to blackmail her,
they certainly tried!

So this is Thursday...
so much on her mind.
Havisham and "Cardenio",
her husband to find.

So this is Thursday...
Aornis's coincidences to fight.
Strawberry Dream Topping
to end the world it just might.

So this is Thursday...
she and her father saving the world.
Joins the Character Exchange Programme,
she waits for her baby boy (or a girl?)