How to make your TN bookcase match
(pre publication of the matching paperback in 2011 - now no longer a problem)

Paperback first aid

Notice anything odd?
May 2009:

Hi Jasper,

Why hasn't the paperback edition of First Among Sequels been release with the hardback cover? Without the right cover I just can't buy the book - it'll ruin the look of my bookcase.

Keep well, Ashley Meggitt

Dear Ashley,

It's very complicated and is to do with Karma and balance or something, but apparently if Hodder were to print the Paperback with the hardback cover, then a kitten would have to die somewhere in South-East Asia.

Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions, and me and everyone at Hodder just like kittens.


(Ashley decides this isn't good enough and makes his own cover for his paperback. The results are on this page.)

You can buy the new paperback with this cover HERE

Paperback first aid

Ah! Order!