next book

Well, I sort of lost momentum with the 2014-18 creative hiatus, but I think I'm getting back on track and now have a plan for the next few years. It's basically to close off all my series so that I am then free to do some other stuff I've got cooking in the Fforde noggin. Okay, This is where we are at present:

Book The First: Dragonslayer IV We conclude the adventures of Jennifer Strange: The Great Troll War. That's pretty much all done and dusted (I rather like the way it turned out) and will be published in September 2021 in the UK.

Book the Second: Shades of Grey II A direct sequel that takes place straight after Eddie's marriage. This is 2021's project, so we'll be looking at 2022.

Book the Third: Dark Reading Matter We are with Thursday again as she journeys into the unobservable Bookworld. Slated to be written 2022, published 2023.

Updated June 2021