Cover Story
A couple of early TN-1 cover designs.
1st go at book cover.
This was the first cover idea from Hodder. The idea was to create a book that was in keeping with the slightly off-kilter content of the novel; The design team came up with this idea where the book itself was cut off-centre, the idea being that the 'skewness' would make the book slightly proud of any bookshelf. Great fun. The dodo, as can be seen, doesn't yet look too dodoish, but that all changed with the second design:
2nd go at book cover.
This was the second cover idea. Still with the odd cut. I loved this but the productions costs were sadly too high, so the idea was withdrawn. Interestingly enough, this off-kilter idea did carry on in the posters (..like a fly trapped in amber...) which were of a trapezoid shape.
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