"Shades of Grey" UK Editions

To upgrade please follow instructions below:

As is customary with early book releases, there are a few bugs that made it through the rigorous testing procedures for which Fforde books have not become legendary. The following instructions allow you to update your edition to an all new SOG/V1.1.

1: Editions covered by this upgrade: All Hodder hardback and Readers club softback editions. ON NO ACCOUNT attempt to upgrade any proof copies or USA editions; a 'deep text crash' may result which will render your book unreadable and may well wipe out all the planet's fiction.

2: Earth the book by touching it lightly against a dictionary.

3: If you are running your library on the outdated SCROLL V7.3 or PAPYRUS 2.8, please upgrade immediately to BOOK 8.3 which is available by downloading HERE .

4: If you are running the Beta Version of BOOK V9 or "UltraWord™" as it is known and have Anti-GrammasitePro™ or ReadZip™ activated, please disable before upgrade. Third party hardware ancillaries such as bookmarks, pressed flowers, old bus tickets, prophylactics, etc, must also be removed.

5: Using a fine black pen make the following corrections:

1/ Turn to page 7 and where it says: "Beyond it to the east were only the Redstone mountains and isolated outpots..." change "east" to "west" (Martin Stockdale)

2/ Turn to page 29 and where it says: "from Jade-under-Lime, Green Sector South" cross out 'South' replace with "West". (Martin Stockdale)

3/ Turn to page 114 and where it says: "But you didn't here me say that"" cross out 'here' replace with "hear". (Adrian Hood)

4/ Turn to page 123 and where it says: "thoughts of tea and Chelsee buns" cross out 'Chelsee' replace with "Chelsea". (Richard Humm)

5/ Turn to page 196 and where it says: "Fandango had been asking six thousand for Imogen, and a two per cent finder's fee would be one hundred and fifty" cross out 'fifty' replace with "twenty". (Edward Wilmane)

6/ Turn to page 255 and where it says: "She was talking heavily out of hue - Crimson was higher and redder than her..." replace with She was talking out of hue - Green was higher than her... as it is Aubrey Lemon Skye she is talking to and he is a green. (Martin Stockdale)

7/ Turn to page 261 and where it says: "'It's the five-part dam complex left behind by the Previous,' he explained, 'It rained a lot round here, even then. It still feeds Blue Sector West by way of a seventy-three-mile-long aqueduct." cross out 'seventy-three' replace with "seventy-four". The number between 72 & 74 is banned in Munsell's rules! (Lori Dekker - sleuth)

8/ Turn to page 263 and where it says "The chair was not at like the stuffed variety" add the word "all" between the words "at" and "like" (Phil Hassall)

9/ Turn to page 338 and where it says: "Third Great Leap Backwards - one hundred and ninety-six years ago" cross out "Third" and replace with "Second"(Martin Stockdale)

10/ Turn to page 379 and where it says: "You must admit you could have towed the line a little better, Eddie." cross out "towed" and replace with "toed" the grammasite that invaded Something Rotten and First among Sequels has invaded SoG as well (Martin Stockdale, Richard Humm et al)

6: Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of Shades of Grey V1.1. To fully authenticate your copy download the upgrade sticker file by clicking HERE. Print out the download and affix it to the title page of your copy. Thank you for using the jasperfforde.com upgrade service.

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