"Shades of Grey" US Editions

To upgrade please follow instructions below:

As is customary with early book releases, there are a few bugs that made it through the rigorous testing procedures for which Fforde books have not become legendary. The following instructions allow you to update your edition to an all new SOG/V2.1.

1: Editions covered by this upgrade: All Penguin hardback and Readers club softback editions. ON NO ACCOUNT attempt to upgrade any Galleys or UK editions; a 'deep text crash' may result which will render your book unreadable and may well wipe out all the planet's fiction.

2: Earth the book by touching it lightly against a dictionary.

3: If you are running your library on the outdated SCROLL V7.3 or PAPYRUS 2.8, please upgrade immediately to BOOK 8.3 which is available by downloading HERE .

4: If you are running the Beta Version of BOOK V9 or "UltraWord™" as it is known and have Anti-GrammasitePro™ or ReadZip™ activated, please disable before upgrade. Third party hardware ancillaries such as bookmarks, pressed flowers, old bus tickets, prophylactics, etc, must also be removed.

5: Using a fine black pen make the following corrections:

1/ Turn to page 6 and where it says: "Beyond it to the east were only the Redstone mountains and isolated outpots..." change "east" to "west" (Andy Lambourne Moss)

2/ Turn to page 7 and where it says: ...the proscribed 1.8 per person" replace "proscribed" to "prescribed" (Virginia Downes)

3/ Turn to page 10 and where it says "The bluey-green caste of the lawn" replace "caste" with "cast"(Virginia Downes)

4/ Turn to page 20 and where it says "...no more than the proscribed amount" replace "proscribed" with "prescribed" - again that proscribed/prescribed problem! (Virginia Downes)

5/ Turn to page 21 and where it says "I din't know it was Jane" replace "din't" with "didn't". (Virginia Downes)

6/ Turn to page 22 and where it says: "...illicited a furious response" cross out 'illicited' replace with "elicited". (Bill Burns)

7/ Turn to page 27 and where it says: "from Jade-under-Lime, Green Sector South" cross out 'South' replace with "West". (Martin Stockdale)

8/ Turn to page 81 and where it says "Silas with pick you up there" replace "with" with "will". (Virginia Downes)

9/ Turn to page 111 and where it says: "We deserve better that this." cross out 'that' replace with "than". (Morris Collins)

Also on page 111, find: "...my ancestors will have the wisdom to listen" and replace with "descendants". (Bill Burns)

10/ Turn to page 140 and where it says "had been been overpainted several times" remove the second "been". (Virginia Downes)

11/ Turn to page 176 and where it says: "Fandango had been asking six thousand for Imogen, and a two per cent finder's fee would be one hundred and fifty" cross out 'fifty' replace with "twenty". (Edward Wilmane)

12/ Turn to page 178 and where it says "a one hundrerd percent survival rate" replace "hundrerd" with "hundred". (Virginia Downes)

13/ Turn to page 185 and where it says "as proscribed in Annex VI" replace "proscribed" with "prescribed". (not again!) (Virginia Downes)

14/ Turn to page 210 and where it says "here's the the bonus snippet" remove the second "the" . (Virginia Downes)

15/ Turn to page 235 and where it says: ""It's the five-part dam complex left behind by the Previous," he explained, "It rained a lot round here, even then. It still feeds Blue Sector West by way of a seventy-three-mile-long aqueduct." cross out 'seventy-three' replace with "seventy-four". The number between 72 & 74 is banned in Munsell's rules! (Lori Dekker - sleuth)

16/ Turn to page 254 and where it says "LOTS OF LOVE CONSTANCE XXXXXXXX" replace "XXXXXXXX" with "XXXXXXXXX" (That is 9 Xs, not 8!) . And on the same page where it says "ended the telegram with "All my love"" replace "All my" with "Lots of". (Virginia Downes)

17/ Turn to page 347 and where it says "It was defintly a vehicle" replace "definitly" with "definitely". (Virginia Downes)

18/ Turn to page 355 and where it says "not one single supernumary" replace "supernumary" with "supernumerary". (Virginia Downes)

19/ Turn to page 366. Jane asks Eddie, "Listen, why didn't you leg it back home to East Carmine yesterday? I know Violet nixed the whole Constance plan, buy you wouldn't have had to risk High Saffron." Instead of East Carmine, it should say 'Jade-under-Lime' for obvious reasons. (Kat Schoonover)

6: Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of Shades of Grey V2.1. To fully authenticate your copy download the upgrade sticker file by clicking HERE. Print out the download and affix it to the title page of your copy. Thank you for using the jasperfforde.com upgrade service.

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