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The Well of Lost Plots V2.1 (USA Edition)
To upgrade to WOLP V2.1, please follow instructions below:
As is customary with early book releases, there are a few bugs that made it through the rigourous testing procedures for which Fforde books have not become legendary. The following instructions allow you to update your edition to an all new V2.1.

1: Editions covered by this upgrade: All Viking hardback and Readers club softback editions with the ISBN number: 0-670-03289. ON NO ACCOUNT attempt to upgrade any advanced Readers copies or UK editions; a 'deep text crash' may result which will render your book unreadable and may well wipe out all the planet's fiction.

2: Earth the book by touching it lightly against a dictionary.

3: If you are running your library on the outdated SCROLL V7.3 or PAPYRUS 2.8, please upgrade immediately to BOOK 8.3 which is available by downloading HERE .

4: If you are running the Beta Version of BOOK V9 or "UltraWord™" as it is known and have Anti-GrammasitePro™ or ReadZip™ activated, please disable before upgrade. Third party hardware ancillaries such as bookmarks, pressed flowers, old bus tickets, prophylactics, etc, must also be removed.

5: Using a fine black pen make the following corrections:

i/ Go to page 79 and 168 and where it says 'Stalingrad' change to 'Tsaritsyn'. Of course, with Russia a Czarist state, Stalin would not have had a city named after him. To be honest 'Stalingrad' was chosen for its dramatic associations rather than for accuracy and 'Tsaritsyn' just doesn't really cut the mustard. Mind you, would Hitler have invaded Russia if it had been a monarchy? Probably not. *sigh*

ii/ Go to page 27 and where it says "get Landen out of the 'The Raven.' " alter text to read: "get Jack Schitt out of the 'The Raven.' ". This is odd because in the UK edition it is correct.

iii/ Turn to page 116 and where it says: "reverse compatible" change to read: "backwards compatible". This is apparently the correct term. (Augie Krater)

iii(a)/ Go to page 129 and delete extraneous "make" from the sentence: 'Try and leave Heights and we'll make make you wish you'd never been written!' This must have been something to do with Lady Cavendish's 'had had' and 'that that' investigation. (submitted by Ted Jones)

iii(b)/ Go to page 131 and where it says: 'usually its only a lone gunman' change to read: 'usually it's only a lone gunman' - 'It's' is a contraction. (submitted by Russell Ham)

iv/ Turn to page 143 and where it says: "I laughed and went though to the galley." change to read: "I laughed and went through to the galley."

v/ Go to page 150 and replace the line "it was a Croquet Federation Final - a SuperHoop" with "it was a World Croquet League final - a SuperHoop". The Croquet Federation does actually exist - so I thought I'd better make up my own.

v(b)/ Go to page 208 and add the missed speech quotes from Granny Next's speech: "Look upon it as training for having your own children."

v(c)/ Go to Page 177, first sentence, and where it reads '...whoever killed Snell might try again...' change to: '...whoever killed Perkins might try again...' (Spotted by Brian Doebler)

vi/ Go to page 243 and replace "who's" with "whose". ("who's" [= "who is"] that should be a "whose" [= "of whom"].

vii/ Go to page 250 (near bottom of page): "As the resident cad in The Squire of High Potternews, he was well-known for his cruelty towards the maidservant, who [should be "whom"] he ravages and then casts from the house." (submitted by Roberta Rubenstein)

viii/ Go to page 265 (middle of long paragraph): "it seems that over a hundred people have been involved in it's [ouch! Should be its] manufacture, modification and overhaul schedules."(submitted by Roberta Rubenstein)

ix / Go to Page 282, middle of the page, and where it reads '...these are a just a few of you...' remove the 'a' from before 'just'. (Spotted by Brian Doebler)

x / Go to Page 284, middle of the page, and where it reads '...you asked for my worse fear...' change 'worse' to 'worst'. (Spotted by Brian Doebler)

xi/ Go to page page 286: "I hugged him until I could barely breath, tears coursing down my cheeks." Add an "e" to make "breathe" because "breath" isn't really a verb. (submitted by lisa hasegawa)

xii/ Go to Page 290, third line from bottom. 'Being' should be 'been'. (Spotted by Brian Doebler)

xiii/ Go to page 314 and change the typo in the sentence: "...but in here it as a narrative necessity" [ the "as" should be "is" a narrative necessity...."] (submitted by Ted Jones)

ixx/ Go to page 317 and change the typo in the sentence: "The most publicized flaunting of these rules..." to "The most publicized flouting of these rules..." (submitted by Julie)

xx/ Go to page 326, next to last paragraph on page. 'I couldn't breath' needs an 'e' on the verb breathe. Spotted by Brian Doebler)

xxi/ Go to page 344 (two errors--first, just above mid-page): "Benefits to who [should be whom], Tweed?" (bottom paragraph): "...everything there is controlled by Kaine, Libris and I [should be me--objective case]." (submitted by Roberta Rubenstein)

xxii/ Go to page 365 and where it says 'each one a colossi' change to read: 'each one a colossus' Singular, when referred to 'each'. (Submitted by Cynthia Holub)

6: Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of The Well of Lost Plots V2.1. To fully authenticate your copy download the upgrade sticker file by clicking HERE. Print out the download and affix it to the title page of your copy. Thank you for using the jasperfforde.com upgrade service.

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