FG 231
"Acme" Bookstamp
"Acme" bookstamp
Designed to look as utilitarian as possible, the 'Acme Quality Service' stamp was used to stamp reader's books on the 2007 UK and USA tours. 'Acme', you will recall, was the generic company used to supply anvils, magnets and assorted sundries to Wily Coyote. It was a shortlisted name for 'The Goliath Corporation' along with 'Apogee' and 'Zenith'.

Incidentally, the change to 'FG' prefix from 'TNU' brings one code to everything. 'TNU' was 'The Nextian Universe', 'TEA' was 'The Eyre Affair', 'LGB' was 'Lost Good Book' and 'NC' was 'Nursery Crime'. 'FG' means, of course, 'Fforde Gizmos'. This is the two hundred and thirty first giveaway.

The impressions are unnumbered, and without limit. First used June 18th 2007
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