Postcard: 'Inverted Monorail'
An inverted Monorail
An inverted Monorail banks around a corner.
Another one of Bill Mudron and Dylyn Meconis' excellent illustrations, this depicts the inverted monorail currently in use in Chromatacia.

Although only mentioned in passing in the script (to linger would have been to force the point) the notion of inverted monorails kept erect by gyroscope was actually tried, and does work. Quite why you'd trouble yourself I'm not sure, but there you go.

This was, of course, a loophole to get trains past the last Great Leap Backwards. Some bright sprak noted that the Leapback only listed 'Railways' and not a 'Railway' so the Standard Variable was adopted. Very ingenious. The gyros are run by Everspins, and because they are not used for motive power, their use is permitted here.

Colour postcard, 2000 editions. Given out during UK Shades of Grey tour, January 2010.

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