Mrs Singh's Egg Pathology Sketch
Mrs Singh's Egg Pathology Sketch (postcard)
How do you like your eggs?
This is an image that was going to go in the back of the books but for the UK it was considered probably better as a frontispiece or the place where the 'map' in crime fiction usually is, so wasn't used at all. In the US the format was placed on the back of the jacket, to great effect.

This picture is the perfect marriage of myself who dreamt it up, and Mari, who executed it. The format of a pathologist's sketch pad was from an original we borrowed from the local constabulary; Mari inflated it to egg proportions, and then I sketched in what was needed and Mari redrew it properly as I'm not very good with anything more complex than finger paints. I think the result is very fine indeed - just the right balance of serio-absurdism that I was trying to inject into the book.

B/W postcard, unnumbered, given out on UK/US tour for The Big Over Easy July/August 2005. 1000 editions.
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