TEA 012
Stile-ish Dodo
A stile, quite near me, in the Black Mountains.
Following on from the 'Lost dodo' idea I'd painted the roadsign using the Tenniel Alice illustration as a guide and then went out to photograph it. I think it means 'beware of dodos' but what they could do to you, I am not sure - perhaps dent your bumper. Anyhow, this was taken in my pre-photoshop days, when everything was made for real. I took lots of pictures of this but the MDF I had painted the sign on was too thin and bent, so flat-on was the only way it worked. It's on a 6X6 format camera, but everything else was done on 35mm - and latterly, digital.

63 editions, hand-printed B&W. 1-40 unnumbered and in 5X7, 41-63 numbered and in 6X4.
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