TNU 128
The little, small, not large Village of Thesaurus
The little, small, not large Village of Thesaurus (postcard)
Nestling in the charming Synonymurean valley at the source of the
river Dictionaria, Thesaurus is currently in dispute with the neighbouring
town of Antonym, who hold the opposite view of everything.
Unrelated to the Nursery Crime books, this is another in a series of either roadsigns, village signs or words on the road that have some sort of lexicographological silliness. The good folk of Thesaurus would doubtlessly, indisputably, surely and definitly waste huge sums, amounts and quantities of time as they sought to adequately, sufficiently and amply express, explain and explicate themselves.

The 'Welcome to ... Please drive carefully through the village' sign is common in the UK. The village is my local one; I removed several telegraph poles and used the signpost from my 'Welcome to the Sword of Zenobians' postcard (TNU 076).

Colour postcard, unnumbered, given out on the UK/US tour for The Big Over Easy July/August 2005. 2000 editions.
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