Competition ended 31st July 2011

The Italian Dragonslayer Pasta Picture Extravaganza

Open to: Everyone, all territories

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Paperback SOG

The Italian edition of The Last Dragonslayer

This is the first published foreign language edition of The Last Dragonslayer anywhere, and I have been given two copies by my Italian publishers Mondadori, one of which I am giving away.

The competition was very simple to do, and the prize utterly worthless: The Italian first edition of Ultimo Drago which is stamped with my 'First Signed' stamp. There were no runner-up prizes.

To have an Italian flavour to the competition, I thought we could fall back on that traditional medium for schoolchildren everywhere, the Pasta Picture. In case you missed out on this phenenomen, all you have to do is make a picture out of dry pasta - much like five-years-olds do at nursery school, daubed with paint for doting parents to put on their fridge door.

Let's see how we did:

A pasta picture of a dragon

Amy Willing, Australia.

A pasta picture of a dragon

Anthony Miles, Texas. He tells us: "Timothy, or the unUnited dragon as he is now known, is a slightly loopy fellow who, after some unintentional ingestion of marzipan, heard color, smelled fiction, saw his future, and decided that he was the sole protector of the realm..."

A pasta picture of a dragon

Ian Kenworthy, Oldham. "Here is my entry for the pasta dragon competition. Hope you like the details, i.e. the lentils for eyes.  I had a lot of fun making it, although I now seem to have lentils superguled to my fingertips and my jumper stuck to the table..."

A pasta picture of a dragon

Jennifer McSweeney, USA. Thank you for the contest! I thought that I should enter it because my name is Jennifer, I am strange, and my thirty-fifth birthday is August 1! It is amazing what one can do with a glue gun, cardboard, pasta, and a rubber band!

A pasta picture of a dragon

Steve James, UK. "..Please find attached my entry for the competition. It covered quite a few A4 pages. One thing I have discovered is that pasta has a mind of its own when it comes to where it wants to be.."

As you can see the choice, like the pasta, was hard, and after several hours of deliberation we were torn between Jennifer's three-dimensional dragon model with ancillary warning triangle and unintelligible road sign, or Steve's wholly remarkable submission which contains numerous different types of pasta, and were it not for his radiator, would have been life-size.

We decided that Steve James won. The book will be heading toward him shortly.

Many thanks to all who took part.

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If you want to know more this edition, please go to the Mondadori Website.


The Prize is the Italian first edition of Ultimo Drago which is stamped with my 'First Signed' stamp, and signed - to you, if you want, or to 'lucky ebay winner' or whatever you want. There are no runner-up prizes unless I decide there are.

Entries may be selected to be viewed on my website, and it is a condition of entry that you are happy for this to be done.

Competition is open to anyone.

All entries emailed JPEGS, please.

Winner will be announced on the 1st August 2011.

Judges (me) decision is final.