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Red Roses

Submitted by Hannah Celadon:

This is a fully colorized picture of Shea Stadium, former home to the New York Mets baseball team, on the last day before it was Leapbacked in 2008. (Mets fans now enjoy America's pastime at Citifield, several hundred feet away from Shea's old site.)

What is interesting to note is that there seemed to be some primitive chromatic stratification regarding seating: the uppermost section had red seats, the second highest green, and the next blue. The section closest to the field, however, was not purple, but orange. This discrepancy can only be due to some Rule regarding special Orange spectatorial privileges at sporting events, a Rule of which I am unaware.

Also unexplained is the lack of seating for Yellows and Purples. Grey seating was on bleachers in the "Picnic Area" past the outfield.