Gallery - Spoons and things.
If you want to submit a picture to the gallery, whether it is a 'Single colour' picture, something to do with colour, a picture of you with your favourite spoon or even something else connected with Shades, then send it to me at jasper(at) If you could include an amusing caption, then so much the better.
1: Mr and Mrs G63 and their spoons
2: Inflatable Beach Toy
3: Mr Greatred and his soup spoon
4: Yellow: New York Taxis
5: Green: Strip of grass at Brightlingsea
6: The Berrill-Baines
7: Apples in a bowl with mirror
8: A Yellow Beetle
9: From Steve Lionel: A Barcoded Wall
10: From Maddie in Canberra
11: From Gemma Cooper in NYC
12: From Gemma Cooper in NYC
13: From Gemma Cooper in NYC
14: LA Flower
15: Letterbox
16: Red Fence
17: Spiderman
18: Through my eyes...
19: Blackpool, UK
20: Florence, Italy.
21: New York: Christo's bridge.
22: Coloured in cover.
22: Trick or Treat Barcode costumes
24: Red Boat
25: Pumpkin
26: Crimson Trading
27: A Yellow Monitor's Bicycle
28: Univisual Parrots
29: Jollity Fair Rose Colouring Competition
30: Year of the Tiger
31: Shea Stadium Colour coding conundrum
32: The Russetts
33: Caravaggio by numbers
34: Miss BlueBell
35: Rare Orchid
36: Bozo Spoon
37: Yellow Prefect
38: Limed!
39: Barcode Kiss
40: Danny Allum's Colour Portfolio
41: Kim Lynch's 'Study of Yellows'