Thursday Next Cover Mismatch:
What can we do?

Desmond Fforde's Book

It's a problem, isn't it? The first four in the series with Mark Thomas cover, and the fifth in the series with the 'Tesco's' cover. I've had a lot of emails over this and one Enterprising Reader found their own solution.

Just to show that we at Fforde Towers have our fingers firmly on the pulse of our reader's needs and worries, we have devised a simple fix.

All you have to do is to download a picture of the Hardback edition which has the Mark Thomas illustration, print it on to paper and then stick it on your 'B' Format paperback. Simple.

I've made the image one millimetre larger all round so it should work, although there might be some jiggery-pokery required to make it fit exactly.

You can download the new cover by clicking HERE.

Page updated February 3rd 2010