Promotional gizmos (UK)
The ways in which publishers promote their books is always ingenious, yet sometimes indescribably odd. Here are a few of the promotional gizmos that Hodder dreamt up for the UK edition of The Eyre Affair:
 kaleidescope poster
 This curious looking device is a kaleidoscope. 12cm high. Marked with my name and the legend: The world will never look the same again'. Distributed free to bookbuyers March- May 2001. Poster with trapezoid shape (relates to early bookcover idea). Height: 60cm.
 eyre affair This must have been one of the most surreal events in my writing career so far, turning up at a promotional event with 40 people all wearing a tee-shirt with my name on it. Then someone arrives dressed as a dodo on a scooter....
About 50 printed, April 2001. Front of tee-shirt features dodo logo.
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