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Gabriel Berstain

1989: Killing Dad was the 2nd film I focussed. I had my trusty Olympus XA with me at all times. This is Director of Photography Gabriel Berestain getting a rushes report. Splendid chap. He used to bring his polo mallet on set with him and had a penchant for cigars. Now works and lives in LA.

Michael Austin and Ricahrd E. Grant

1989: Killing Dad. Michael Austin, notable screewriter of Greystoke and here directing for the first time, poses with co-lead Richard E. Grant on set at Shepperton Studios. Mr Grant isn't really cross with me; he's in character.

Southend Pier

1989: Killing Dad. On location in Southend, on the pier. Denholm Elliot is in the pram, with cast (whoops, can't remember their names ) while we are in the pier maintenance vehicle, being used as a tracking vehicle.

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