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Orion commercial

1988: With EBS on the Isle of Lewis, shooting the launch commercial for the all-new Ford Orion.

Barney Edwards was directing, which was always enjoyable - lots of adventure, good locations, tons of toys, and drama.

In those days, car commercials were all about a journey along interesting roads, swerving to avoid rockfalls and eventually turning up at a wonderful country house with warm light coming through the window, and a labrador looks up ready to greet you.

Okay, I know that's a generalisation, but for the most part that's how it seemed to work in the eighties - just like beer commercials generally featured three guys who you'd like to see as your mates talking in a pub.

Anyway, here you can see the dazzlingly exciting Orion (An Escort with a boot) driving along an exciing road, with the always-ready-to-play coastal rescue helicopter doing low passes. And yes, they were really that low - no Photoshop here!

Plaubel Makina 6X7 Camera, 80mm, Ilford HP5

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