Millicent, daughter of Ben and Anke

Jan 2009: They met on the Forum, they're an item, and now there is a Baby!

Yes, Anke Schroder and Ben Tymens have produced a lovely baby girl, and since she was created in the white-hot furnace of Nextian activities, can lay claim to being the first truly Nextian Baby.

Anke takes up the story:

"..Ben and I are overjoyed to announce the birth of our daughter Millicent Rose on Saturday 20th December at 23:24 h. She was 10 days early, but still a healthy 51 cm and 3485 g. It all was a bit of a surprise and meant that I could not finish the Christmas shopping or buy a Christmas tree, but I also learnt that the wait for the taxi to hospital is plenty of time to pack a hospital bag.

Even though not everything went smoothly, we both recovered quickly and were allowed to go home on Monday afternoon.

She does not have bright red hair btw, and we cannot quite assess the gingerness-level yet, but for sure she's probably the most beautiful little girl ever, as you can see on the attached picture.

(Although I must admit, if you tilt your head and squint, she looks a bit like Yoda)..."

a new-born Millicent

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