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Nextian Miscellany:

Crochetted dodo

Ffordian Pet Names


Eyre Affair Games

Plush dodos from Steve Salaba

Toast Brutality

Warrington: The Facts

Textual Mechanics: Quirks

Recipe for Apples Benedict

Astounding dodo fossil discovered

WOLP quote acrostic

The Schitt Family Tree

The Man with the Golden Pun

Jurisfiction Notes for SF travellers

The Bronte sisters at home

Jacque Merde's Newsletter from SARF

JurisFiction Alerts:

Hedgehog Issues from Adam Rivers

Attention ALL Agents

Cheese Seizure

Library Police

Nextian Images:

Jess Limcangco's portrait of Jane Grey

TN1 Movie Poster

Granny Next

Toast Marketing Board

Goliath Caskets

How to make your bookcase match

Dodi the Albino Dodo

Bookshelf Dodo

Animated Toast by Maddie Fairhall

Reading Cats and Dogs

Not so cool Shcool

Jeudi Prochain

Real life etranger

Dodo design

Dodo at the zoo!

Dodo Planter

ChronoGuard Event

Mammoth trail

Scrabble for Neanderthals

Richard III Audience participation at the Beehive

Adam Maguire's images

Rebecca's new cat named after the one formerly known as Cheshire

Mysterious 'dodo grafitti' in Stockholm...

Dodos infest WH Smiths!

Ben Tymen's Pickwick Christmas card.

Image of Campervan and Dodos

Guides to The Nextian Universe:

Something Rotten: Decomposed.

The exhaustive guide: The Well of Lost Plots

A Non-Brit's Guide: Lost in a Good Book

A Non-Brit's Guide: The Eyre Affair

A guide to mammoth cloning

A guide to dodos

Nextian Babies:

A Baby with Fine Taste

Vampire Baby

Millicent Rose

Thursday Crowden

Literary Parodies:

Hemingway by Jon Brierley

Jon Brierley's Richard III parody

PoetScientistDrinker's Edward Lear parody

Jon Brierley's 'Pepys' Diary' parody

Jon Brierley's 'Jeeves' parody

Nextian Poetry:

PoetScientistDrinker's Chaucer Homage: 'Wyf of Swinedonne'

Nextian Haiku

Landen lay ybounden (Ben Tymens)

The Nextian Songbook:

TOAST! (Rachel Ross)

Bertha's Silver Scissors (Maxwell's Silver Hammer) (Ben Tymens)

I will survive (Ben Tymens)

Bitch is back (Ben Tymens)

Jurisfiction (It's Raining Men) (Ben Tymens)

Imagine a Lennon song written by Goliath (Ben Tymens)

Lennon and Berlin songs penned by "All American Cutie"

"Nextian Pie"- Brierley/Tymens/Maclean

"Daddy wouldn't buy me a Bow-wow"- John Brierley

Queen: "Bohemian Rhapsody" - John Brierley

Queen: "We are the Champions" submitted by Magda