The Eyre Dare
I'm 80 and a bibliophile. My son just sent me a copy of "The Eyre Affair". He's my book supplier since I can afford only 2nd hand stuff and I've never come across you there.

But reading set my mind on edge.

We used to play word games with our children and here's the latest installment ...

"The Eyre Heir" a complicated inheritance
"The Eyre Au Pair" murderer? or murderee?
"The Eyre Lair" a group of outrageous Bronte-philes
"The Eyre Mere" genealogy (Sorry - My keyboard doesn't do French)
"The Eyre Ware" computer programming
"The Eyre Mare" Mr. Rochester's stable
"The Fair Eyre" more about Jane's girlhood
"The Eyre Aire" a sinister musician

Okay ... now it's your turn.

Wilma Dibelka
Mt Shasta, California

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