journalists resource
I have attempted to gather together all the elements that will make a healthy 'journalistic resource' but I'm afraid there are a few omissions. If you have written anything and would like it represented here with a link back to your publication, please send it to: jasper (at) jasperfforde.com

The 'Q and A' section is probably the most useful resource, as well as the 'Special Features' which include a 'making of' wordamentary. There are also a few pictures of me - I do get requests so it is faster and easier to come here first. Also, various bookjackets which are quite useful on websites and a few relevant (or perhaps not) bunch of 'Nextian Images'

Early Riser Special Features
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One of Our Thursdays is Missing Special Features
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Shades of Grey Special Features
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First Among Sequels Special Features
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The Fourth Bear Special Features
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The Big Over Easy Special Features
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Something Rotten Special Features

The Well of Lost Plots Special Features
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Lost in a Good Book Special Features
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