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Welcome to the Jurisfiction Technical Section. The various types of JurisTech technology is listed below. To know more about each item and a more comprehensive technical readout, turn to the page listed.

FootNoterPhone. Standard method of communicating within the BookWorld. The FNP network covers all books that have been travelled to and is constantly upgraded and repaired. MobileFootnoterPhones are gradually being introduced but coverage can be poor in the outlying genres and especially the classics. The FootnoterPhone is very easy to use. Just pick up the speaking horn and ask the operator to put you through to the character you want to speak to. If you know the title of the book and the pagenumber, so much the better. Crossed lines are not uncommon and special dispensation must be sought to contact the Outland. More details, page 352.

Eject-O-Hat Standard issue equipment for Jurisfiction agents, the Ejector hat is located on page 672. Martin-Bacon designed the hat to JurisTech design order number FME/247946 and the number of successful ejections to date total more than a hundred. The Eject-O-Hat is simplicity itself. To take you out of a book one only needs to wear the hat, secure the chinstrap and then pull the red toggle that hangs from the brim. You will be transported instantly to The Middle of Next Week, a cushioned book written specifically for that purpose. From there it is easy to return to the Great Library. Ejection hats are available in a number of styles and colours, and since the Mk XII was introduced, even as a beret. But be warned: The ejection sequence can be dangerous, even fatal, and a loose chin strap can sometimes tear your ears off during the ejection sequence. Read the full user's manual, on page 361.

TextMarker Another standard piece of Jurisfiction equipment, a fully loaded and primed Textmarker can be found in page 673. Resembling a flare pistol, the marker is fired from within a book and will mark the text where you are with any one of many prearranged signals. The standard JurisFiction emergency codes are listed on page 368 but remember that a double-negative is the standard Jurisfiction distress code. Other flares can be loaded for a variety of messages; to reload the TextMarker, release the barrel, let it drop forward, change the cartridge and snap it closed. More details, page 373

Eraserheads Type of bullet used in extreme situations. Officially called a 'Boojum tipped shell', an eraserhead will reduce any unfortunate wretch to text in under a second. Training must be completed before Eraserheads will be issued. May be used in the Outland, but only on anything fictional. More details, page 376.

MV Mask An antimispelling vyrus device, the MV mask resembles a standard gas mask but has a dictionary (or sometimes two) taped where the filter would be. Effective against most strains of the vyrus. More, page 379.