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18th April 2016 

Film Production Greenlit

Yes, it's all systems go!

Sky1 have greenlit the production of Dragonslayer to begin filming pretty soon, and to be broadcast at Christmas 2016, Sky1. More news when I get it, but hooray.

18th April 2016  More Events listed on appearances page.

18th April 2016  New Toad News Story, this one about Guinea-pigs .

14th February 2016  Melbourne event listed on appearance page.

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Supermarine S6B, 2016

Extreme wide angle shot taken from underneath the record-breaking Supermarine S6B currently on display in the Science Museum, London. Beautiful unrestored condition, the raceplane was retired once it had the record and has pretty much been on display ever since. The verticals left and right are the floats.

Home-made super wide angle 5X4 Large Format camera, using a 47mm lens, which gives one the equivalent coverage of about a 14mm lens. 20 second exposure, f16, Kodak 400 tmax film.

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28th January 2015 

Film Production go-ahead announced by Broadcast Website

It's looking good, but the website might have jumped the gun in order to bag a scoop.

We've been talking to a production company about doing a TV one-off of The Last Dragonslayer for a while, and it looks as if it might go ahead. But we're not green lit yet, so watch this space for more info. Broadcast.co.uk Link

28th January 2016  Canberra event added to appearances page.

18th January 2016  Finncon added to appearances page.

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15th January 2015 

Independent Bookshops in Melbourne and Canberra

Want to host an event?

Hello. I'm in Australia for the Perth Festival in Feb 2016 and then in New Zealand for the Wellington Writer's Week in March. I'm staying with my sis in NSW between the 25th Feb and the 6th March and the opportunity exists to do an informal event in Canberra or Melbourne, or even both. If you want to host a talk or something in your bookshop, very happy to talk about it. Last time I was jabbering in Australia was 2006. Contact me on my usual email, jasper(at)jasperfforde.com with an outline of what you want to do, and I'll see what we can do - single event in both cities, I'm guessing. Over to you.

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15th January 2015 

Early Riser to be 2017

Lazy author forces generous and loving, kind and fair publishers to publish in 2017.

Okay, it's official, this one has taken a lot longer than I thought. Not sure why - world building seems to just require a lot more thought. Shades of Grey took me almost two years, and this one has been eighteen months so far. Apologies all round. Tours in the US and the UK, followed by the fourth in the Dragonslayer Saga, and after that, a novella about Rabbits, then, well, gosh, who knows. Dark Reading Matter/ Hmm.

15th January 2016  Updated appearance page, all 2016 events listed.

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Derelict coach, 2016

Friends of ours have a coach-turned-holiday-let that you can rent in the Welsh Marches near Hay on Wye. This isn't that coach - this is the next one in line, waiting to be restored. It's a beauty. Okay, it's a faded beauty. She will rise again. Laylar and Rob (who are both totally brilliant, by the way) can be reached for bookings at majesticbus.co.uk

Uncropped Bronica SQ-A, 80mm Tmax 400

5th January 2016  Altered twelve pages so there can be no confusion that the Thursday Next car in the books is a Porsche 356 Speedster, but that the one depicted scattered variously about the website is of my replica Speedster, which (a Porsche owner) recently pointed out is emphatically NOT a Porsche. The nearest closest driving relative to my Speedster is probably a Trabant. I argue that having Speedster replicas is vital as it gives visibility to a marque that is quite possibly the most lovely car ever designed.

3rd January 2016  This is me testing the Forklift uploading device as I've been neglecting the website of late, so have now allocated one day a month to update and renew and perhaps add a few new pages. That's the thing about Social Media - I have a limited amount of time available to work on web stuff, and that seems to be vacuumned up by Social Media - hence stagnated website. Watch this space. I may even add some more Toad News Items

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