The valuable Thursday Nextreme trophy
Welcome to the 2006 Thursday Nextreme Competition. 2005's entrants and winner can be viewed by clicking here, but the nominations for the mostly prestigious and not at all pointless 'Thursday Nextreme 2006' trophy are:

** Pickwick's Cousin Indigo Scott

** It's a Tragedy Amanda from Michigan

** Braving D**n*yland Robynne on Splash Mountain

** Garden of Faeries Jeani B in Vancouver

** Meet the bears with Mike White in Cincinnati

** On holiday with cats from Ian Dellbridge in Croatia

** Meet Colonel Sanders with Alison

** Head to the forest with Mandy Heermann in Nebraska

** Get on the tube with the Heatwoles

** Chill out with Joey in Santa Cruz

** Join the club with Kristin in Santa Rosa

** Get all atomic with Melinda in Chicago

** The first 2005 X-treme returnee. Yes, it's Simon in Birmingham

** High-flying antics with Rosalind of Ontario

** Looks like another case for Jack thanks to Vicky in Nashville

** Get flatter than flat with Dominique in Flatland

** Cowabunga! It's Mike Simonds in Devon

** Something Rotten in Louisiana with Jeff Frederic of New Orleans

** Locked up for her own good, yes, its... Stephanie Frederic of New Orleans

** Las Vegans are up the pole with Jeri Summers of Nevada

** Read the book back to front with Verena Maser in Japan

** Visit the mouse in Hong Kong with Alice Scarlin

** One ring to rule over all with Danielle Myers

** Not Cheshire but still a cat with The Parry Feline Assortment

And the winner is ... click here

Special Mention goes to... click here and here

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