The very valuable and not at all tacky 'Thursday Nextreme' trophy.

Welcome to the 2007 Thursday Nextreme Competition.

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Special Mention goes to...
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Nextreme 2007 is now closed - but please do enter the new, 2008 competition!

The nominations for the mostly prestigious and not at all pointless 'Thursday Nextreme 2007' trophy were:

** It's me again Simon Castle

** No Bluffing Jens Richter

** In the Minotaur's Lair Chris Longson

** The Kraken Reads Richard Boyne

** Extreme Language Verena Maser

** Oscar Night Christina Flores

** F7 Holly Zahler

** Slotting In with the Fourth Bear Colin Jackson

** Risking it in Crewe Rachael Glassman

** Dangerous biscuit on the loose Georgina Edwards

** Ferocious and ruthless kitten reads TN2 Danielle Myers

** Something's Fishy in Bookworld Kristin Jean

** Getting Lost in a Good Book Marie Nagy

** Life on Thursday Street Ian Goldby

** Thursday and the Art of Motorcycle Madness Jeanette McGregor

** The Well of Lost Tubs Holly Austin

** Offensive Literature? Felicia Johnston

** Kruger Beasties Dana Johnson & Cobus Swarts

** Mali Cheese Smuggling Jennifer A. Bowers

** High on Thursday Sébastien Colasse

** Ding Dong Bell Adam Maguire

** Driving Under the Influence Heather Lemson

** Boring, boring, boring... Laurent Pelé

** Wedding Belle Nicole Palmby

** Entropy Warning Sébastien Colasse (again!)

** Invisible Puffins Tim Hames

** Parkour Extreme Mike Simonds

** Digging it Megan Starkey

** A tall story at 32 stories Steve James

** Choo Choo!! Holly Windle

** Extreme Thinking Leslie and Kerry

** Extreme Cheese Defence system M J Rubinski

** Voodoo Fest Extreme Humpty Rebecca Brooks

** Desert Island Extreme Dianne Singson

** Religious Implications Stephen Rea

** Splash Mountain - Take 2 Last Year's Winner - Robynne

** Baltic Extreme Cilia T

** Snow Business Judith Kreil

** Wet Stuff Wendy Roedema

** Lost in a well of books Ashley Polasek

All entrants for the 2007 Thursday Nextreme please send to "Jasper (at) jasperfforde.com" with a picture (not above 250k, please!) and a short paragraph telling me all about it. Remember that any photos that show any sort of peril will not be posted, so it's a big nix on you guys doing anything truly dumb.

And the winner is ...Click Here

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