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The new Eyre Affair cover design

Welcome to The Eyre Affair sub-index. For all things related to the first in the Thursday Next series, click on the links below:

Thursdaynext.com - is your one-stop-shop for all things related to Thursday the person

SpecOps - relates to all things regarding The Special Operations Network.

Goliathcorp.com - is all about your favourite rapacious multinational.

Thursday Next Extreme - A silly game in which I invite you (the Reader) to read one of my books in an odd or intriguing place.

About writing TN-1 - What it says; brief explanatory notes.

TN-1 Book Upgrade (UK) - Upgrade your books to the latest reading version.

Silly Competition Winners - Something we ran for TN1.

TN-1 Book Upgrade (US) - The same, only if you spell 'neighbour' and 'criticise' in a different, yet no more nor less important way than we do.

How we painted Thursday's Porsche - Ah, yes! The Porsche. Want to make an art car? We show you how. All you need is a few spray cans and seven miles of masking tape

Penguin Reader's Guide - The Penguin Reader's guide for the Thursday Next sereis, plus discussion points and an interview.

The Toast Marketing Board - A very early example of bad HTML from the Fforde 'self taught' HTML school.

Annotated section from TN-1 chapter 1. - Interesting notion; a longer Reader's Guide can be found further down.

Buy TN-1 - If you haven't already got it.

TN-1 Bookshelf - A (not exhaustive) list of all the various editions of the book.

Early illustration ideas - Maggy Roberts early illustration ideas. (Well worth a look)

TN-1 Foreign Sales - What we've flogged (US: Sold) so far.

TN-1 made-up words - A cornustopia of madewellyup speecherisms.

TN-1 Essential Readers Guide - Confused about stuff? (The books, I mean, not just in general) go here and be illuminated.

The Brontë Federation - More dodgy HTML C.1991. Programmers beware.

Notes on the Socialist Republic of Wales - All about your favourite socialist regime.

Swindon Photograph Album - Snaps of Thursday's home town.

Seven Wonders of Swindon - The Seven Wonders of Swindon.

famous Swindon people - Ummm Famous people from Swindon.

Early cover designs - What it says on the lid, or rather, what it never said on the lid.

Readers Contributions - A fun-packed compendium of Reader's Contributions.

TN-1 downloadable bookjackets - A list of all the bookjackets.

Pete & Dave's Dodo Emporium - A mini-website of Swindon's most notable dealers in unextincted species.

mammoth migrations - How to avoid being trampled in the twice annual mammoth migrations.

TN-1 Promotional Widgets (UK) - Some of the pathetic junk we've used to shamelessly promote my books.

TN-1 Promotional Widgets (US) - Some of the pathetic junk we've used to shamelessly promote my books (US).

Dodo News Network - The latest Dodo news from the real world.

The Dodosphere Dodo tomfoolery from around the world.