The Well of Lost Plots

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Welcome to The Well of Lost Plots sub-index. For all things related to the third book in the Thursday Next series, click on the links below:

TN-3 Special Features   My Special Features for TN3. More glimpses behind the curtain

TN-3 Book Upgrade (US)   Upgrade your books to the latest reading version.

TN-3 Book Upgrade (UK)   Upgrade your books to the latest reading version. (US)

TN-3 Bookshelf  A (not exhaustive) list of all the various editions of the book.

TN-3 Foreign Sales  What we've flogged (US: Sold) so far.

TN-3 "Spot the Deliberate Mistake" Competition  The Competion that went out at the TN3 launch.

TN-3 Essential Readers Guide   Ben Tymens and the Forum answer your questions.

UK TN-3 "Nextian Brain" Competition   Check your Thursday Next factoids with our 2003 quiz.

Penguin Reader's Guide   The Penguin Reader's guide for the Thursday Next sereis, plus discussion points and an interview.

The Jurisfiction travelbook    A sneakpeek in the indispensable guide for all Jurisfiction agents

TN-3 downloadable bookjackets   A list of all the bookjackets.

Thursdaynext.com   is your one-stop-shop for all things related to Thursday the person

SpecOps    relates to all things regarding The Special Operations Network.

Goliathcorp.com   is all about your favourite rapacious multinational.

Thursday Next Extreme   A silly game in which I invite you (the Reader) to read one of my books in an odd or intriguing place.

Swindon Photograph Album   Snaps of Thursday's home town.

Seven Wonders of Swindon  The Seven Wonders of Swindon.

famous Swindon people  

Readers Contributions   A fun-packed compendium of Reader's Contributions.

Illustrations   Illustration ideas for early TN books.

Dodo News Network    The latest Dodo news from the real world.

The Dodosphere Dodo tomfoolery from around the world