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Intros again?
Posted by: MartinB (
Date: September 30, 2006 01:52AM

I've noticed more new people crawling out of the woodwork recently.

All termites now posting on the phorum kindly to be introducing themselves?

I'm MartinB by the way, I'm a student at Rhodes University in South Africa. I'm really into SF.

More about me here. (Caution: Site is probably suitable only for the terminally bored.)

<settles back with biscuits and tea>

'We're all mad here. I'm mad, you're mad." [said the Cat.]
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here."
- Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: annie (
Date: September 30, 2006 07:54AM

I am Annie from Melbourne. I left school many, many years ago (my 9 year old niece wanted me to say many, many, many....) and now I work for a large Australian Bank.
I read whatever I can lay my hands on, but since life is too short for ugly underwear, I don't bother finishing any book that hasn't grabbed me in the first quarter.

<takes a seat and offers lamingtons and vanilla slices>

sometimes you just have to be in my head.
sometimes it will be rather crowded in there, sometimes echoingly quiet...

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Re: Intros again?
Posted by: SkidMarks (
Date: September 30, 2006 08:36AM


I'm Jon Crook, married with 1 cat, 1 moderate library of books and a largish collection of movies and music.

I'm older than most of the users on this fforum, but make up for that by being less intelligent. I was lucky enough to attend university in the early seventies, when being a student mainly meant having a good time, so I left without a degree, but with a great education.

I have been a pro photographer, mechanical engineer and for the last 20+ years have worked in I.T. specialising in support and security.
Since being forced into semi-retirement, I have filled my time working with audio and video electronics and marking technical writing scripts.

Now living in the Greater Manchester area of the U.K. Mrs. SkidMarks (Su, a New Zealander, working as a bookseller) and I have lived in the South of England and Switzerland and I have worked in Europe, South America and South East Asia.

I tend to try to finish books, but agree with Annies comments and so won't flog the proverbial. My main book interests are fantasy/sc-fi, biographies, travel and humour.

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: 198505 (
Date: September 30, 2006 01:55PM

Hi, I'm 198505, also known as Paul, I live in Lancashire, where abouts in GM are you SkidsMarks? I work at Leyland Trucks, surprisingly in Leyland, and have a billi bookcase full of books, videos, and cassette tapes, I also have a number of dvds and 2 PS2. I also serve a small black cat

Blood! Death! War! Rumpy pumpy! Triumph!

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: Sarah B (213.48.73.---)
Date: September 30, 2006 02:00PM

My cunningly descriptive username, Sarah B, correctly identifies my name as in fact being Sarah B. It's clever, that. I had to run it through thousands of ciphers to get that. No-one would ever guess.

Anyway, as well as being a tad too sarcastic for my own good, I'm also 21 on Monday, and a student at the University of Birmingham in the UK studying Geology and Archaeology. I like books, the Internet, chocolate and ice cream, amongst other things.

I was one of the first members on this fforum, but I have a habit of disappearing and re-appearing again over long periods of time, hopefully giving some sort of impression that I learnt something worthwhile whilst I was away.

Probably not though, to be fair. :)


There's a hole in my creativity bucket and it's all leaked out.

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: PrinzHilde (
Date: September 30, 2006 02:44PM

Since I am much too lazy to do these introductins again, here are some old threads on the same topic:
Meet the fforum
Meet the fforum returns...
Fforum Member Things You Don't Need To Know (Well, that one is mostly about telemarketers...)

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Re: Intros again?
Posted by: robert (
Date: September 30, 2006 04:44PM

Much the same as the Prinz.

Just insert "Australia" for "Germany"
and "let's have a drink" for "regulations"
and "she'll be sweet" for "planningbureacratik"
and "Jeez, I dunno!" for "Religion"

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: kaz (
Date: October 01, 2006 02:14AM

I'm me, and I live in my house. I've lived all my life and have no plans to die yet.

Other than that, all my details are in the 3 afore-mentioned threads.

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: Tari (129.62.121.---)
Date: October 01, 2006 04:10AM

I'm Tari, and I won't give my real name since that would let the identity thieves steal the $20 I have in the bank.

I'm a Music Education major at Baylor University, and I just got my first private student (hazah, income!). I'm a fantasy nut, and I have a small menagerie that I pamper whenever I make it home.

The best (awful) joke I've heard most recently is...
How do you kill a circus?
Go for the juggler. (I know, it's bad)

Other than that, and the fact that I randomly nominate myself as flamebait in various forums, including this one, my info's on one of the other threads too.

You kids with your long hair and Baroque music...

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: Bonzai Kitten (61.68.164.---)
Date: October 01, 2006 09:19AM

I'm the small cat that sets fire to Puck occasionally. Although admittedly, so does everyone else.

Other than that, I am a mystery... WHAHAHAHAHA!

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: splat21 (195.33.121.---)
Date: October 01, 2006 09:43AM

Oh yeah, I'm me too. Which is confusing. Are you the other me I see in the mirror then, Kazzie?

And I definitely agree with Annie about the underwear, but I'd extend it to shoes. After all, if Superman can wear his pants over his tights...

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: Barbie (
Date: October 01, 2006 12:19PM

I was quite sure I'd filled in some sort of Intro-thing, but apparently it got lost along the way, just like myself...

The hard facts: Barbie, student of English & German Literature @ Mainz University, Germany. To the day 20 years younger than Madonna, proud owner of a fluffy little hamster called Häppchen, dedicated collector of Barbie toy horses and great fan of literature of almost any kind (except romance-to-go and hardcore SF/Fantasy maybe).


Never put a sock in a toaster!
E. Izzard

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: kaz (
Date: October 02, 2006 12:01AM

splat21 Wrote:
> Oh yeah, I'm me too. Which is confusing. Are you
> the other me I see in the mirror then, Kazzie?

I thought I wasn't looking like myself this morning.

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: PrincessP (
Date: October 02, 2006 07:18AM

My name is Diana and I'm a Jasper Fforde addict.
Oh wait, this isn't a 12 step intro, is it?
As already revealed in a different thread...I live in Pasadena, California, USA, Earth, etc. Graduated many moons ago with a useless degree in theater, minor in lit, from a small liberal arts college.
I've worked at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) for eons - first for a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, more recently for an x-ray diffraction laboratory despite never having a proper chemistry lab in high school or college. My mate proposed and later was Spirit mission manager for the Mars Exploration Rovers project (MER) at NASA/JPL. I am proud and, quite frankly, shocked, that those buggers are still driving around Mars - they were only built to last 90 earth days!
We have two wonderful boys (one 14 and the other 7 years old).
I don't read much sci-fi, just want people impress upon me that breaks the genre barrier and is truly well written and either entertaining or intriguing. I suppose I'm more of a "dabbler" - reading a mystery here, a classic there, kid lit, etc.
Now you all know far more about me than you wanted...

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: Barnadine (
Date: October 02, 2006 12:16PM

Got back to this phorum after posting 1 message ages ago. I've now seen the error of my ways and promise to be a good poster, and I will try to keep the mispelings to a minimum.

Barnadine is 27 and runs a shop in Central London. Orginally Dutch, but I'm trying to get over it. ;) I am married to a musical genius, and I'm cautiously venturing out into the world of English Literature using TN as my guide.

I also like peanut butter.

<< insert hilariously witty quote here >>

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: Mrs Next (
Date: October 02, 2006 03:38PM

Took my name from the fancy dress costume I wore to the Fforde Ffiesta last year (before joining the fforum). I live in Bradford, married to a fireman and have just left my daughter at Uni so I suppose am an empty nester. Feels more like a holiday!
Work when I have to and spend more time than I should reading the posts and giggling under my breath. Will read anything within reason but don't promise to finish it if it annoys me or fails to grip.

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: Anonymous User (
Date: October 03, 2006 07:01AM

I am: Victoria
from canada and finishing highschool and about to embark on a sailing odyssey around the south pacific. at the moment I feel that defines me.
I'm a binge reader who reads 4/5 books in a month then nothing for another 3 months.
I love sailing. and TN.

and im afraid i mispel often. many apologies

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: Anne (81.171.227.---)
Date: October 03, 2006 03:17PM

I've never thought of myself as a termite before ... will obviously have to post periodically to avoid treatment.

I'm Anne and I mainly lurk - I blame the husband, three children and two goldfish for that. They leave far too little time for my virtual real life. I live in a building site in West London (attempting to fulfil some of that potential the estate agents kept wittering on about when we bought the place). I do apologise if I have left any brick dust around - wretched stuff seems to get everywhere.

Because of the above-mentioned interferences I don't get to read nearly as often as I would like but given half a chance my first preference is always to stick my nose in a good book.

Do people not like Battenburg cake anymore? Seems a shame since I have a (nearly) whole one around here somewhere.

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: SkidMarks (
Date: October 03, 2006 04:25PM

I quite like Battenurg, but do prefer pie.

Re: Intros again?
Posted by: MartinB (
Date: October 03, 2006 05:42PM

Forgive me, cake for all the newbies.

I have been most remiss.

Out of interest, does anyone else climb?

'We're all mad here. I'm mad, you're mad." [said the Cat.]
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here."
- Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

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